Weddings are steeped in tradition, both within the ceremony and the celebration that follows at the reception. The special nature of the day also extends to the wedding procession and the way the bride is transported to the service.

Including cultural variations adds another dimension to planning the wedding transport.

The Australian Wedding

Weddings in Australia tend to follow the tradition which involves the Bride and Groom getting prepared at different locations, usually the parents’ family homes, driving to the ceremony, followed by wedding photographs at various locations before travelling to the reception venue.

Simply, there are four separate trips to plan:

  1. The groom to the ceremony. The transport required is essentially the groom and groomsmen to the ceremony to arrive 30 – 40 minutes early to meet and greet the guests.
  2. The bride to the ceremony. The bride, bridesmaids, flower-girls and brides parents to the ceremony. The bride’s mother often travels with the bridal party these days, although traditionally she would be the bride’s family representative at the ceremony before the wedding.
  3. The wedding party to photographs and the reception. After family photographs following the ceremony the wedding party leave for photographs in various feature locations before moving on to the reception.
  4. The married couple to their end of night destination.
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A classic bridal car with a modern limousine is very popular

The Groom to the Ceremony

Three variations for getting the groom and groomsmen to the ceremony are now common.

  • Chauffeured transport in a theme that matches the groom’s taste. A sports car or classic convertible are common.
  • Chauffeured transport that matches the wedding theme. A classic car that matches the bridal cars or a matching sedan version of a modern limousine being used.
  • Often the groom and groomsmen find their own way to the reception, usually in vehicles belonging to the best man or a groomsman (or the bride’s parents as they need transport after the ceremony).

The Bride to the Ceremony

Three variations for getting the bride and bridal party to the ceremony are now common.

  • A bridal car that sets the wedding theme plus matching vehicle(s) or a limousine for the bridal party.
  •  A single limousine that sets the wedding theme. Remember to order one large enough for the complete wedding party after the ceremony unless the grooms transport to the ceremony is going to assume the role of bridal car on the way to the reception.
  • If on a budget a single feature bridal car is also common, with the bridal party making their own way on the day. A special bridal car is a common and much appreciated gift to a couple who are getting married without the resources to hire special wedding transport.

Travel to the Photographs and Reception

Variations for getting the wedding party to the photographs and reception.

  • A bridal car that features in the photography plus matching vehicle(s) or a limousine for the bridal party.
  • A bridal car that features in the photography plus a budget limousine for the bridal party.
  • A single limousine that sets the wedding theme.

When the Ceremony, Photographs and Reception are all at the same location

Single venue weddings use the same modes of getting to the ceremony discussed above. Following the ceremony the following variations are common:

  • A bridal car that features in the photography plus matching vehicle(s) or a limousine for the bridal party take the wedding party off-site for photographs and an opportunity for the couple to have some time out before the reception.
  • A bridal car stays on-site to feature in the photographs.
  • Only the transport to the ceremony is required. Be aware that most specialist wedding transport suppliers will have a three or four hour minimum hire for Friday and Saturday afternoon weddings during the peak season from September to June. It may be difficult to secure an afternoon booking for less than the minimum hire time.

The End of Night Get-away

The end of night get-away is often left until the last minute to organise, but is most easily planned when booking other wedding transport as it may be something that can be included at a discount with the larger booking process. Often a modern chauffeured sedan is the easiest to organise and most chauffeur businesses will understand that weddings some times run overtime. Ensure that the business that you use has some flexibility at this time of night. The last thing you will need is to be hassled by a driver in a hurry to get to his next pick-up or to be depending on a taxi to find you. A cheap taxi option can often turn into a major expense if your wedding runs twenty minutes over time while a taxi meter ticks over.

Selecting Your Wedding Cars

Check out the wedding car styles page to quickly scan Perth wedding transport options.

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Plan your late night get-away at the same time as booking other transport