Rolls Royce is the most prestigious make of car in the western world. Always associated with Royalty and those who can afford the ultimate in luxury a classic Rolls Royce wedding car will certainly add style to the tapestry of your wedding day.

Rolls Royce is renowned for meticulous craftsmanship with 0pulent leather and wood-grain interiors and an old world style which for generations has been second to none. Rolls Royce models currently available as chauffeured wedding cars in Perth include the Silver Cloud (1956 Р1967) and the Silver Shadow (1968 Р1982). The Rolls Royce Silver Cloud was a break through model creating winning world wide acclaim and it is still the most popular Rolls Royce wedding car in Perth today.

swan valley rolls royce wedding

The Rolls Royce Silver Cloud is one of Perth's most popular wedding cars

The Rolls Royce Silver Cloud features a spacious interior that can seat four in comfort. Wedding Cars Perth recommends that the bridal car should only be counted as three seats to afford the bride and groom a whole rear seat, however many couples chose to accommodate four passengers in each car.