Who should drive your wedding cars?

You can probably imagine several possible answers, each with various merits and disadvantages. The following discussion should assist you to determine a course of action for your wedding day. The answers are closely linked to the source of your wedding cars.

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Enjoy the luxury of chauffeured wedding cars and limousines

1 Professional Chauffeured Wedding Cars and Limousines

The up-side

  • Chauffeured wedding cars and limousines are overseen by the Western Australian Department of Transport and undergo annual safety inspections by Government licensing officials. This means that the vehicles, whether modern or well aged classic cars comply with regulated safety standards and their owners work at maintaining the vehicle standard. The vehicles should have special license plates to identify them as SCV (Small Charter Vehicles) in the city or PT plates in regional areas or TC for tour coaches. Charter operators can occasionally have a temporary license on a non-plated vehicle as an emergency replacement.
  • Regulated charter vehicles also have special insurance categories to ensure you are covered during the hire period. Hiring non regulated vehicles could actually breech the owners’ third party insurance which covers passengers.
  • Drivers employed by professional charter businesses have a police clearance and a specially endorsed licenses and are often trained to a service standard beyond that anticipated by the general public. These might seem like small issues, but they often add together to make a big difference on your wedding day.
  • Chauffeurs also have a zero tolerance non-alcohol ruling covering them whilst driving charter vehicles and have a medical examination each time they renew their license so you can be sure you are in safe hands on the day. As the drivers are not directly involved in your day they have a greater focus on your safety and service.
  • There are a large variety of well maintained wedding cars and limousines on offer in Perth making it easy to organise a unique atmosphere for your day. When you hire your transport with a reputable limousine business you can be confident that you will receive a qualified chauffeur who will help to make your wedding day a truly special experience.

The down-side

  • Chartered cars and limousines incur a cost that covers the vehicle hire and chauffeurs’ wages.
  • The number of Saturday weddings during the season from September through to May is generally greater than the available specialty vehicles, so you will need to book your transport early – up to a year or more in advance – especially if you want a rare or classic vehicle in Perth.
  • There are no uniform regulations. Many businesses require their chauffeurs to wear a suit and tie for weddings, others are much more casual. This is a good point to check when booking your transport.
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Book up to a year or more in advance to for Saturdays

2 Engaging a Friend or Family Member to Drive

The up-side

  • When friends or family members drive on the day there is usually very little cost incurred as they will use their personal vehicles. Ensure you communicate well your expectations and requirements for the day.

The down-side

  • Depending upon the size of the wedding party you may need to organise a few vehicles and drivers to meet your requirements.
  • Friends or family members who are beholden to the driving responsibilities are in many ways excluded from the general freedoms of enjoying your wedding celebration so it is quite a commitment.
  • Alcohol is a common guest at weddings. You need to be confident that designated drivers will not be likely to enjoy a few drinks as they participate in your wedding celebration with you. The last thing you need on your wedding day is to be scrutinising family or friends’ drinking behaviour.
  • Be wary of a friend who has an interesting old car in the garage (which rarely sees sunlight) that they offer to drive for you on your wedding day. Idle cars decay in many ways which are not visible. Frequently ensure that it is roadworthy and working well in the lead up to your wedding day. If you discover that it is not functional a few weeks before your wedding there will likely be little else available for a Saturday or peak season wedding.