Wedding Ceremony Venues – Churches

When arranging church weddings in Perth couples often consider four factors to ensure the church meets their needs:

  • Location – identify the churches of your denomination in the proximity of other venues you are considering. The less time you spend driving the more time you are enjoying your wedding day.
  • Seating and Parking – estimate the likely number of guest who will attend your ceremony to ensure the church will cater for your needs. A large number of guests who cannot be accommodated inside the church at a wedding will lead to delays, congestion and frustration. A large church that appears ’empty’ if you are expecting a small number of guests may not seem right either. It is also wise to consider the parking available and to warn your guests if limited parking nearby may mean they have a 5 – 10 minute walk to the church. If late guests continue to trickle in during the service it could lead to frequent disruptions. Also asses the limousine access if you intend to use stretch limos. Many churches can not accommodate the larger limos and you may need to be dropped off at the street entrance.
  • Atmosphere and surroundings – a large portion of the wedding day photography is inside the church during the ceremony and outside the church with family directly after the ceremony. It is best to consider all aspects of the location.
  • Timing – many churches now hold two or three weddings in an afternoon and have subsequently developed firm guidelines regarding wedding organisation at the venue. It is worth checking what time frame is available to you before you book the venue. Some Perth churches offer as little as one hour from arrival to departure.
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The Chapel of St Michael the Archangel is a popular Perth church

Perth City and Surrounds

Chapel of St Michael the Archangel

50 Ruslip Road West Leederville

St Andrew’s Anglican Church‎ – 259 Barker Rd Subiaco  (08) 9381 1130

St George’s Cathedral – St Georges Terrace Perth  (08) 9325 5766

St George’s College Chapel‎ – Mounts Bay Road Crawley  (08) 9449 5555

St Joseph’s Church‎ – 3 Salvado Rd Subiaco  (08) 9381 0400

St Mary’s Cathedral – 17 Victoria Square Perth  (08) 9223 1350

St Mary’s Catholic Church‎ – 40 Franklin Street Leederville  (08) 9444 9624

Fremantle and Surrounds

Christchurch Anglican Church

2 Queenslea Dr Claremont  (08) 9384 9244 ‎

St Johns Anglican Church‎ – 3 Adelaide Street Fremantle  (08) 9335 2213

St Patrick’s Basilica‎ – Adelaide Street Fremantle  (08) 9335 2268

Swan Valley and Surrounds

All Saints Church

St Mary’s Anglican Church Middle Swan

Yule Avenue Middle Swan  (08) 9274 2661

St Matthew’s Church

Stirling Square Guildford  (08) 9379 9400