Chrysler 300C Limousines

Chrysler 300C limos are currently the most popular limousine for wedding and corporate hire in Perth. The Chryslers are modern and comfortable and have a conservative interior persona by day for weddings which can quickly switch into an entertainment machine by activating the new generation lighting and sound options available.

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The Chrysler 300C wedding limousine at Mosman Park

The Chrysler 300C has a unique character of looking better stretched into a limousine that as a standard sedan. The sleek window line and high wheel arches allows it to complement classic wedding cars such as a Bentley Mk6 or a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud with style. Chrysler limos in Perth are mainly stretched to accommodate ten rear seats. Businesses that advertise twelve seat models are usually including the chauffeur and front passenger seat which is rarely used during hire.

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The silver / black Chrysler at work at Sandalford Winery in the Swan Valley

The Chrysler is available with an environmentally friendly diesel motor too making it a very green machine what ever colour it comes in as well as the powerful V8 engine. Lamborghini doors that swing high like a bird in flight are a popular option on Chrysler limousines. When fitted to a limo it is optional whether the driver utilises the full swing of the doors.
Chrysler jet door limos
Chrysler lambo door limos