Beware of Discounted and Too Cheap Wedding Limo Offers

A small number of suppliers in Perth are engaging in a ‘we’ll beat any price’ or ‘beat it by 10%’ discount war. This is usually for the hire of Chrysler and Hummer limos. Ringing around for a competitive price is sensible, booking a ‘too cheap’ limo service for a wedding many months away is risky.

Problem 1

Ultimately businesses offering amazing discounts want a booking for every possible day at what ever the cost. Unfortunately they are not usually satisfied with your low booking price even though they accepted it. So they keep fielding inquiries for the limo on the day with the cheap booking as a backstop. When the full priced booking comes along the earlier booking is informed the limo was accidentally double booked or stolen or broken down if the date is near.

Of course this leaves the early booking couple looking for transport late in the game with the result that they have lost their preferred option and limited choices still available and the expected discount has vanished. Limousine hire is very competitive – anyone offering limo hire at 60 – 80% of the regular rate would be running their business on the edge and may not be around to service your booking several months away.

Problem 2

Weddings in the first half of the year (February to June) compete with school ball evening limo hire. School ball pick-ups start around 5.30 – 6.00pm and most wedding drop-offs occur between 5.30 – 7.00pm so there is a clash of priorities. Many limo suppliers may price early finishing weddings at a good rate to be available for the school ball booking. What ever the case ensure your finish time and location is clearly communicated and documented in the booking agreement. Many of the discount warriors will declare their wedding bookings finish at 5.30pm regardless of where you are up to in your wedding often not informing the couple of this condition until the week before the wedding.

Problem 3

Some of the discounters start with a highly inflated list price and discount 20% to the regular hire rate; hardly a bargain. One Perth business offers a ridiculously low price on their website but unfortunately “the car on special” has usually been booked already – this is a cheap tactic to get your call. Another limo business is in a popular discount card book but doesn’t take the 25% off the advised price – ‘sorry, I’ve already given you the discounted price’ is the common reply.

Strangely people often settle for a second rate limo to get the ‘discount’ and in the end pay near or more than the regular price of a fully optioned limousine. Discount warriors are often better avoided.

Finding a Reliable Limo Business at a Fair Price

The Google Test

Google invests a lot of money and time to present quality and genuine businesses at the top of the organic search (not the ads that any one can pay for). Do a few searches using different search terms and note the businesses that consistently appear on page 1-2 of the search results. These will usually be the well established reputable businesses who care about their reputation and your patronage. For wedding transport try variations of ‘Wedding cars Perth’, ‘Perth wedding limousines’, ‘classic wedding limos Perth’ and try some of the Google suggested searches at the foot of the page.

The Email Test

Send in an email inquiry noting your requirements. The response should include a no nonsense pricing guide or quote, a formal booking process noting the times and locations involved and you should retain a copy of the agreement or contract from the business.

The Phone Test

Talk with someone at the business about your wedding hire. They should be friendly, knowledgeable and helpful with information as requested. The service and drivers you have on the day will usually mirror the response you get over the telephone.

Visit the Business

Once you have a list of suitable businesses you can narrow it down to price and the individual vehicles. Many wedding car suppliers also attend the bridal expos or will welcome a visit to their garage to view the cars.

Wedding Cars Perth

Wedding Cars Perth is a cooperative of reliable and reputable businesses hosted by Belle Classic Limousines. We offer great service, guaranteed bookings and a competitive price. You can confidently book any of the limos on the website through Wedding Cars Perth or click through to the related business websites.

For more information or wedding transport advice call John on (08) 9279 9922.