Do I transport my wedding party all in one limousine or in multiple wedding cars?

Both options are common, your decision is a matter of personal taste, cost and functionality.

To fully understand the benefits of the two options it is worth reading the whole article before you eliminate either.

One Limo Fits All

limos perth

Chrysler limousines hold a wedding party of up to ten people

Hiring one limousine for the whole wedding party is a simple transport option. Everybody is in together and the good fun is switched on full time.


  • You get the support and company of your wedding party every step of the way.
  • Hiring one limousine can be less expensive than hiring multiple cars (but this is not always the case).
  • Limousines are bigger and more spacious (but this is not always the case – each limousine needs to be considered individually, especially if you intend to carry ten passengers in a ten seat limo – not all limos are built to the same length or seating design and the space available can vary a lot).


  • A single limousine cannot always deliver the transport flexibility required at a wedding. The bride and groom usually come from different locations and secondary transport may be required. Often the groom and groomsmen make their own way to the ceremony where they join the limo. A second short hire limousine can be used to get the guys to the ceremony but short hire transport can be difficult to find on popular wedding days.
  • Brides miss out on the intimate moments with family and their new husband that are available in a separate bridal car. There are often special moments between parents and daughter on the way to the ceremony that are usually not possible in a single limo because of the dominance of the bridesmaids’ chatter. Similarly the short drives to feature photo locations before the reception is often the only private time that the bride and groom get together on their wedding day – many couples find this time to be very valuable.

Multiple Wedding Cars or Limousines

perth wedding limousines

A wedding party of eight in two classic limos

Hiring multiple wedding cars or limousines can better facilitate getting people from various locations on the day.


  • Both the bride’s party and groom’s party can be transferred from different locations with ease.
  • Having multiple cars can actually speed up your day as people find it easier getting into and out of smaller vehicles.
  • The special moments between the bride and parents and bride and groom (discussed above) can emerge if a separate bridal car is organised.


  • Hiring multiple wedding cars and limousines can be more expensive than hiring one limo (but this is not always the case, there is about $200 difference in a four hour booking price between the Chrysler limo and the two classic wedding cars shown on this page).
  • Multiple cars means that you may not be constantly with your bridal party – some couples may see this as an advantage.